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Bellstone Mechanical Hopper Mixer

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS


Mechanical Hopper Mixer

Engine Options

Diesel Engine 8 HP, 1500 RPM A/C or Electric Motor, 3-phase 5 HP, 960 RPM


One bag (CFT-7/10 or 200 LTR)

Drum Material

M.S. (Mild Steel) or C.I. (Cast Iron)

Tilting Mechanism

Easy tilting of the drum through a large geared hand wheel

Operation Ease

Easy to operate


Conventional discharge


Cold remolded radial tyres


Heavy chassis frame


Seller Information
Lanvs Greek Nepal Pvt Ltd


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The Bellstone Mechanical Hopper Mixer embodies reliability and efficiency, tailored for industrial and construction applications. It offers versatile operation with options of an 8 HP diesel engine at 1500 RPM or a 5 HP three-phase electric motor at 960 RPM. Designed for convenience, it handles a one-bag capacity (CFT-7/10 or 200 LTR) with a choice of M.S. (Mild Steel) or C.I. (Cast Iron) drum materials. The tilting mechanism is user-friendly via a large geared hand wheel, while discharge is straightforward and tires are equipped with cold remolded radial technology. Robustly built on a heavy chassis frame, it features a well-ventilated engine cabin, clutch and brake system, and single lever control for skip operation, ensuring seamless performance and durability in demanding environments.

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Lanvs Greek Nepal Pvt Ltd