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Product Features

Corrosion Resistant ASP sheet is coated with ASA on
surface and PVC on bottom, it is
stable when exposed to chemical
agents such as industrial emissions,
fog, salt, acids, alkali etc.
Fire Proof
Difficult to burn, the fire proof
level can reach Grade A and
meets the common safety
requirements in most areas.
Electricity Isolation
The ASA on surface and PVC on
bottom protect the product from
electricity conducton, make
the house safe in thunderstorm
Light weight and easy
It’s light and easy to handle,
means faster installation and
save time and money.
Color Stable
The ASA on surface is excellent
UV resistant material, Antiaging
and make color stable.
Cooling Effect
With the infrared ray
reflection technology on
the surface ASA layer, it can
reflect over 30% of infrared
Excellent Mechanical
ASP Steel Sheet has the same
machanical property with the
Galvanized and Aluminum sheet.
Environmental Friendly
The material ASA, steel and PVC
are 100% recyclable and no
harm to the environment
Customized Shape
Customer can buy the roll and
make his own shape, this brings
more options to customer.


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