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Bench Vise Swivel Base With Anvil-NEVIS-15

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- Bench Vise: NEVIS-15, featuring a Swivel Base and Anvil, designed for superior versatility in workshops and industrial applications.
- Jaw Width: 6 inches (150mm), providing a generous grip for secure clamping of various materials and workpieces.
- Open Length(mm): 150, accommodating different sizes of workpieces and facilitating efficient operations.
- Clamp Force(Kg): 2000, ensuring an exceptionally strong and secure hold, suitable for heavy-duty tasks in demanding environments.
- Swivel Base enhances maneuverability, allowing easy positioning for precise and controlled work across projects.
- Anvil feature adds stability and utility, supporting a range of tasks in woodworking, metalworking, and more.
- Robust construction and a formidable 2000 Kg clamp force make it an ideal choice for professional use.

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