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Alkaline Water Purifier

Minimum Order Quantity: 10 PCS

Child Lock

For Hot Water Dispensing

Pure Water Storage

Inbuilt 7 liters

Display Screen

LED Display to Monitor Machine Status

TDS & Hot Water Temperature Display

Yes, on Screen

Installation Options

Dual mode Table Top / Wall Mounting

Water Filtration Stages

Nine Stages: 2-in-1 pre-filter, Carbon Filter, RO/UF Membrane, Alkaline, -ORP, Hydrogen Rich, UV, Minerals

Membrane Flushing System








Alkaline Filter Cartridge

Maintains water pH Level


Finger Touch

Fruits & Vegetables Detoxifier

Ozone Generator Included

Cold Water Dispensing Capacity

0.8 liters

Hot Water Dispensing Capacity

1 liter (Ready to use for tea & coffee)


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This innovative water purifier boasts multifunctional attributes, offering alkaline water purification alongside convenient finger-touch operation. It caters to diverse preferences by providing hot water suitable for tea and coffee, as well as regular and cold drinking water options. The inclusion of a fruits and vegetables detoxifier within the system ensures healthier produce consumption. Its built-in pre-filter enhances the overall purification process, effectively removing impurities. Notably, the Aqua Revive Technology is a standout feature, enabling a remarkable 100% water-saving capability, promoting eco-friendly usage. Moreover, the incorporation of LED UV technology within the pure water tank ensures an additional layer of purification, guaranteeing high-quality drinking water.

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