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Auto Edge Banders Model

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS

Minimum Work Piece Width

120 mm

Edge Banding Thickness for PVC & ABS (Coil)

0.4 - 3 mm

Minimum Work Piece Length

150 mm

Work Piece Thickness Range

10 - 50 mm

Work Piece Feed

11 m/min


Pre-milling Motor Power (No. of Motors / hp)

2 x 2 hp

End Cutting Motor Power (No. of Motors / hp)

2 x 0.5 hp

Buffing Motor Power (No. of Motors / hp)

2 x 0.5 hp

Fine Trimming & Round Cornering Motor Power (No. of Motors / hp)

2 x 1 hp

Working Temperature Range (°C)

180 - 200

Air Pressure Required

6 to 7 kg/cm²

Glue Pot Capacity (kg)

2 kg

Machine Dimensions (L x B x H) (mm)

4570 x 950 x 1485 mm

Approximate Net Weight (kg)

1440 kg

Total Power (hp)

12.5 hp


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Salient Features :-

-Sturdily built heavy-duty machine to suit Indian working condition for precise application of edge banding material.

  • -Robust feed chain & conveyor system with German gearbox (with long life synthetics lubricant) for effective pressure on panels.
  • -Three edge banding pressure rollers actuated by pneumatic cylinders, gives adequate pressure on edge for effective banding.
  • -High frequency compact motors sliding on prismatic guide ways for perfect finishing with trouble free performance.

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