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Asian Paints Repair Polymer

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Kg

Application Areas

Basement, Terrace, Sunken area of toilet

Cost Range



Construction Chemical

Key Specs

Waterproofing, Bonding, Repairing

Packaging Size

1 Kg


Waterproofing coating: 1:2(repair polymer:cement), Bond coat: 1:1:3(repair polymer:water:cement), Repair mortar: 7% by the weight of cement


Packaging Size


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Asian Paints Repair Polymer, classified as a construction chemical, is formulated for basement, terrace, and sunken toilet areas. Positioned within the economy cost range, it provides a cost-effective solution. Featuring waterproofing, bonding, and repairing properties, it serves versatile purposes in construction. For waterproofing coating, a ratio of 1 part repair polymer to 2 parts cement is recommended. For a bond coat, a mixture of 1 part repair polymer, 1 part water, and 3 parts cement is suitable. Repair mortar requires a ratio of 7% by weight of the cement used. This additive assists in enhancing waterproofing, bonding, and repair capabilities in construction projects.

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