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Asian Paints Damp Block 2K

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 Kg

Application Areas

Basement, Terrace, Sunken area of toilet, bathroom


3 years waterproofing over masonry surface


7.5 to 8 sqft/ltr/2coats



Key Specs

Positive side and negative side waterproofing, Anti efflorescence

Cost Range

Mid range

Packaging Size

3 Kg


Packaging Size


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Asian Paints Damp Block 2K, categorized as a waterproofing solution, offers reliable protection in various areas. With coverage ranging from 7.5 to 8 square feet per liter for 2 coats, it's suitable for basements, terraces, and sunken areas of toilets and bathrooms. Providing a 3-year waterproofing warranty over masonry surfaces, it ensures durability. Notable features include its ability to perform positive and negative side waterproofing, making it versatile for various applications. Additionally, it combats efflorescence, contributing to its effectiveness. Positioned in the mid-range cost, Damp Block 2K strikes a balance between quality and affordability for comprehensive waterproofing solutions.



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