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Asian Paints Damp Proof Fiber Tech

Minimum Order Quantity: 20 Ltr

Application Areas

Terrace, Punning wall, All vertical and horizontal exterior areas


Vertical:25-35 sqft/ltr/2coats Horizontal:10sqft/ltr/3coats


8 years waterproofing warranty



Shade Range


Cost Range


Key Specs

Positive Waterproofing, crack-bridging ability, 10 degree surface heat reduction

Packaging Size

1 Ltr


Packaging Size


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Asian Paints Damp Proof Fiber Tech is a premium waterproofing solution designed to protect exterior surfaces. Offering vertical coverage of 25-35 square feet per liter for 2 coats and horizontal coverage of 10 square feet per liter for 3 coats, it's ideal for terraces, external walls, and various horizontal and vertical areas. With a notable 8-year waterproofing warranty, it ensures lasting protection. Featuring positive waterproofing, crack-bridging ability, and a surface heat reduction of up to 10 degrees, it's a comprehensive choice. Although the shade range isn't specified, its premium cost aligns with its high-quality waterproofing features, making it a reliable option for exterior projects.

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