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ASTROX E 13 Badminton

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS





Stringing Advice

3U: 16 - 20 lbs

Weight / Grip

3U (Avg. 88g) G4,5


Black / Blue, Black / Bright Red

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Jaya International


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Graphite Construction: YONEX racquets are typically made with high-quality graphite materials, which provide a balance of strength, flexibility, and lightweight properties. Graphite construction offers durability and responsiveness to enhance performance on the court.

Isometric Head Shape: YONEX is known for its isometric head shape technology, which enlarges the sweet spot on the racquet head. This design feature improves the chances of hitting the shuttlecock with more power and accuracy, even on off-center shots.

Rotational Generator System: Many YONEX Astrox series racquets feature the Rotational Generator System. This system optimizes weight distribution throughout the racquet frame, enabling faster swing speeds, improved maneuverability, and powerful rotational shots.

Namd Technology: Some YONEX racquets incorporate Namd technology, a unique graphite material used in the racquet's shaft. Namd enhances the racquet's flexibility and helps store energy, resulting in faster snapback and increased power during shots.

Control Support Cap: YONEX racquets often include a Control Support Cap, which provides a wider and flatter surface at the top of the handle. This cap enhances grip and maneuverability, allowing for better control and responsiveness during play.

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Jaya International