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Ceramic Cementitious Ardex Endura Silver Star Tile Adhesive, Thickness: 3-6 Mm

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 test

Product Name

Ardex Endura Silver Star Tile Adhesive

Coverage Area

25 Sqft


3 Kg/Sqm with thickness of 3mm


walls floors interior


3-6 mm

Grade Standard

Type 1


Seller Information
Nepal Marble Bath House

Wholesaler/Dealer/Distributor, Importer

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  • Grey, polymer modified, cement-based tile adhesive, suitable for fixing tiles & natural stones in interior situations. For exterior applications and more difficult and demanding situations eg: vitrified tiles, glass mosaics, external cladding, swimming pools, etc. consult ARDEX ENDURA regarding use of a higher performance adhesive.


  • Polymer modified adhesive
  • Easy mixing & application
  • Good strength
  • Suitable for fixing ceramic tiles for floor & walls
  • Interior situations

Technical Specifications:

  • SILVER STAR@ 27 ± 1oC
  • Bed Thickness3 - 6 mm
  • (1), (2)
  • Walls* Use Thin-bed Trowel
  • (Dry wall areas)
  • Floors*
  • *Suitability depends on
  • surface level / flatnessUse Thick-bed Trowel
  • (Floor areas)
  • Mixing Ratio
  • (p.b.w = Parts by weight)1 p.b.w. Water to
  • 4 p.b.w. Adhesive
  • Open Time10 - 15 minutes
  • Pot Life 3 hours
  • Setting Time24 hours
  • Temperature Resistance-30oC to 150oC
  • NOTE:
  • (1) Up to 12mm in areas of limited extent.
  • (2) Use thick-bed trowel for floor tiling.
  • Coverage Estimates
  • Pack Size
  • 20kg


  • Approximately 3.5kg/m2 @ 3 mm thickness when using a thin-bed trowel
  • NOTE: Coverage will depend on the nature and flatness of the surfaces and the method of application. For good coverage, it is vitally important that all surfaces should be clean, smooth, plumb, level and free from defects and undulations.

Storage and Shelf Life:

  • SILVER STAR has a shelf life of 12 months when stored in normal dry conditions.

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